Covid Update - 8/25/2021

Due to the current spike in local, state, and national cases, HDS Companies has reinstated elective travel restrictions.

Our focus continues to be on providing uninterrupted solutions and services to our clients and industry partners while maintaining the greatest precaution for the health and safety of our staff. HDS Companies policies have been updated to maintain vaccine, mask, temperature, and cleanliness protocols.

During this pandemic, we deployed our BCDR plan internally and for our clients who needed an immediate remote work environment.

Over the last few months we have begun our headquarters on premise transition and look forward to having our HDS family safely socially distant and together again!


Please be advised that unless otherwise noted, ALL HOMEBUYER/DPA PROGRAMS ARE OPEN AND OPERATIONAL.  The Housing Agencies that provide these loan and assistance Programs are State, County, or Jurisdictional Agencies who have been chartered for decades and continue to provide these services to their communities.  As their Program Administrator, eHousingPlus successfully rolled out our Business Continuity Plan early in March this year in order to protect our staff during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  We are, 100% Operational, and our portals, the eHPortal (Lender Portal) and the eHP Digital Docs Portal for delivery of loans.  We are here to support you!

Our communities are going through challenging times.  The health and welfare of our population amid the COVID-19 Pandemic is no doubt the #1 priority for all of us right now.  Additionally, making sure that we support all services that sustain the affordable homeownership industry and our partners to the best of our ability is our goal.  The Technology Infrastructure of the HDS Companies (eHousingPlus & Housing and Development Software) is strong and has allowed us to deploy our Remote BCDR Plan early and seamlessly.  It’s through our ongoing investments to our Disaster Plan Framework that we can provide you un-interrupted services in times like these.

We know that many lenders have loans that are in different stages of the pipeline, and each loan committed may have circumstances which need to be addressed. We understand that you may have questions.  However, as with any loan that must meet underwriting guidelines, the program parameters have not changed, and reservations/commitments are still OPEN.

Access to the eHP Portals can be easily found on each of the Program Pages, along with the Program Summaries, The Lender Guidelines and any relevant news.  All Program Tools are accessible via out LENDER TOOLS Page, so please make sure you check them out. From On-boarding, Training and other available guidance, lenders can easily perform their workflow tasks 24/7.

We provide additional email and phone contacts to support you should you have specific eligibility or loan questions that are not addressed on our website and through the lender tools.  Please take the time to visit these options so that you can become familiar with them and can continue to operate efficiently.

Thank you for your participation, and please be safe!


A Message to Our Valued Customers - 3/26/2020

During this difficult time for so many, we are reaching out to you and your staff to convey that the HDS Companies (HDS Software and eHousingPlus) successfully transitioned to a Complete Remote Operation BCDR Plan.  Through the hard work of many on the HDS Management Team and our amazing staff, we deployed this plan in a very short time, with minimal issues, and no down time.  The most important and difficult task was to make sure that we supported our HDS Families and kept our employees safe, while maintaining a full operation for our clients.  I’m proud to say that we accomplished that and more, and that the HDS Companies Team rose to the occasion, as we knew they would.

We know that most of you are trying to support your Agency and your Community right now, and your plans and priorities for the months to come will change.  For that reason, we felt it was best to postpone the HDS NEXTGEN 2020 Conference which was scheduled for later this year.  Our goal in re-launching our 2020 Conference had been to focus on the HDS NEXTGEN Technologies and Services, and the work we have been doing in the re-development of our tools for the past few of years.  This work will continue as planned, and we will re-schedule the Conference when it is appropriate, so that your team can join this effort.

Our HDS Business Team will be creating web-based events in the months to come, which will provide insight into different areas of re-development of our Software, Services and Platforms.  This will provide your team with valuable information so that you can address potential new programs and continue to support your existing business.   Our plans to move the HDS Conference to 2021 are in the works, and we know that the effort and goals of the same will be achieved then.

Technology is one of the many strengths we have as an organization and our ability to deploy that within our organization and for our Agency clients is unparalleled.  The need for remote solutions is critical right now, and our organization can assist you in different ways.  Our Management Team contacts are listed below should you have the need to address your current challenges.  We have the capacity to support your HDS Applications in our environments and help you with any remote accessibility needs you have. Additionally, any on-gong services you might need to support even if on a temporary basis can be assessed, and we will work hard to assist you with those needs as well.  If your staff must work remotely, and you do not have a viable solution to have them access the systems, we do.  We know you need to continue to operate and support your initiatives, so please let us know how we may be able to assist.

Our Agency Clients and Partners in Affordable Housing are part of what we call our HDS Family.  We hope that your organization and family members will get through this as best possible and wish you the very best.


Cristina Miranda Gilson

Abdul Mondol,
President HDS Software

Paloma Miranda,
Sr, Vice President eHousingPlus

Elena Miranda,
V. P. Business Development

Andrew Moffitt,

Debora Stevenson, Director of Finance/HR

A Message to Our Valued Customers - 3/15/2020

These last few weeks have certainly been unprecedented, and we want you to be certain that your business with the HDS Companies (eHousingPlus and Housing and Development Software) will remain unchanged.

Our priority is the safety of our staff, our clients, and providing the highest level of service to you. The HDS Companies Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans (BCDR) prepare us for all types of scenarios that can impact business continuity and disaster recovery needs. As part of our plan, we closely monitor communications on the fluid COVID-19 situation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and other health organizations, as well as local and federal government agencies, to help us respond properly.

We have implemented the recommended guidance in all our offices, in addition to various levels of policy changes with our HDS Team members and HDS Offices. We have temporarily suspended all non-essential travel and will deploy our online video conferencing tools to continue all Implementation activities.

Should it be required, the HDS Companies can operate remotely, and part of our Plan addresses the deployment of this scenario. Over the years, we have made strategic investments that have transitioned our Development, Quality Assurance, Compliance Program Administration, Technical Support and IT teams, to remote virtual platforms fully accessible by our staff. All of our hosted services are on-line and operational as usual.

As you also work on your own (Agency) internal plans, we remind you that the HDS Hosting Services include the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services. Existing customers needing to add additional hosting access may do so by entering a MyHDS ticket requesting additional access and/or support.

Likewise, if you identify an emergency need to deploy the HDS solutions via our Hosting Services, please contact Jannell Janania @ 954-217-9597 x251 and/or so that we can assist you promptly.

We will continue to update you at 

As always, we appreciate your continued trust and confidence, and are ready to support you, our valued agency partner.

Best Regards,

Cristina, Abdul, Paloma, Elena, Andrew, and Debora
HDS Executive Management Team