Countdown to Election Day 2020

The countdown continues as the #2020PresidentialElection approaches! We are only 3 days away! Here is an important and powerful message from our Founder and CEO, Cristina Miranda Gilson,

“This election is very important. We are in the midst of so much right now, that sitting on the sidelines is no longer an option; inaction is a negative action and regardless of who you vote for, you are dignifying that right and privilege that so many wish they had. We must unify as a country; everything we do depends on it. Be part of the reaching across the aisle to listen to your neighbor who might have a different opinion; you can listen and try to understand, and they can do the same and agree to disagree but work towards the collective good of both. Our country needs that, our community needs that, our company needs that, and our families need that.”

The HDS Companies will be celebrating Election Day and will be closed on November 3rd. Don’t miss out on voting! Your vote is precious!💙