HDS Companies, is a dynamic customer centered and solutions driven corporation headquartered in South Florida. Founded in 1998, HDS soared as the leading provider of diverse business solutions and professional technical services in the Affordable Housing and Community Development Industry and has remained on top of its game for the last 22 years. At HDS, we are continuously reinvesting to provide our customers with new innovative solutions, as well as in mentoring and training our staff to deliver effective customer service. Diversity drives us, HDS is an active member and supporter of industry trade organizations and working groups. Our top talent team members travel throughout the U.S. to take part in trade shows, conferences, and meet one-on-one with our clients and industry leaders to better understand how we can improve our business services and processes. Through these experiences, they acquire first-hand exposure to what’s happening in the industry attaining professional development by networking with industry experts and influencers. We believe that a well-trained workforce will have the ability to interpret our clients’ business needs and identify ideal solutions tailored for each agency.


To provide our clients with products and services that will reshape and transform their businesses. We will achieve this by utilizing new technologies and strategies, obtaining a thorough knowledge of our client’s operations, and building partnerships with our customers and others.

HDS Management

Cristina Miranda Gilson, President & CEO

Abdul Mondol, President Software

Paloma Miranda, Senior Vice President Services

Elena Miranda, VP Business Development

Andrew Moffitt, CTO/CSIO

Debora Stevenson, Director Admin & Finance

A Florida Based Company

Launched in 1998, HDS is privately owned and headquartered in South Florida. We have HDS Team Members working remotely from six of the other markets we serve, those markets include Atlanta, Vermont, Ohio, Nebraska, Colorado and Maryland. HDS holds a State of Florida Department of State Certification of Good Standing, State of Florida Women & Minority Business Certification, and National Women’s Business Enterprise Certification.

HDS Employee Diversity

At HDS, we believe that it is essential to our company’s success that our team members are as diverse as the clients and communities we serve. For this reason, we have established a diverse workforce and an inclusive environment. We’ve fostered a culture where differences are valued and expressed freely. We are committed to continuing this culture by hiring a talent pool that brings together unique backgrounds, viewpoints, and experiences.

Job Growth

An Equal Opportunity Employer


Rate Increase

HDS also offers intern positions to typical students and students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and related disabilities.







  • Non-minority 14% 14%
  • Minority 86% 86%

Gender and ethnicity range by categories

We Have Moved Our Headquarters

by HDS Companies | Jun 2, 2020 


We are excited to announce that as of yesterday, June 1st, we are officially moved into our new headquarters in Miami Lakes, FL. Please make sure you UPDATE our new address as noted below, and distribute as needed to your departments. Our telephone numbers and email addresses will remain the same.

This has been a milestone in the making over the past year. COVID-19 restrictions and our own Risk Management and Mitigation Plans have changed our  plans for celebration, so we will save it for a later date when we can share this with our Employees, Our Clients and Partners.

We will continue to support you as we have done without interruption, and are available if you need assistance through our normal channels.  For more information please contact Natalie Stevenson at 954-217-9597 x204 or at [email protected].

The HDS Companies Operations continue at100% remote since we deployed our Business Continuity Plan in the face of the COVID-19 risk, in March, 2020.  Our staff will continue to work on this platform until further notice.

HDS Celebrates Employee Milestones

by HDS Companies | Jan 24, 2020 

At HDS Companies, our employees are our biggest asset.

Each year at our Annual HDS Meeting and Employee Recognition event, we honor employee milestones for those who have reached 20, 15, 10, and 5 years of service. In 2018, we honored our first group of 20th-anniversary recipients, a very proud moment, and a tremendous milestone in HDS History.

Not only did we honor our founder, corporation President, and CEO, Cristina Miranda Gilson, but those who have been instrumental in paving the way on the road to the major success of our companies, Paloma Miranda, Patt Denihan, and Sue Denihan-Scoggins.

Our 2019 celebrants by milestone alone account for 160 years of experience!

Tonight, we highlight the remarkable contributions our 14 recipients have made that continue to drive our HDS Companies’ success and embrace two more who have reached 20 years; Don Wright and Elena Miranda.

Congratulations to all!

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Housing and Development Software (HDS), is the leading Business Technology Solutions provider for the affordable housing and community development market. HDS has successfully implemented 150 projects across 51 affordable housing agencies nationally, each implementation uniquely meeting the growing changes of our niche market. Our unique use of technology creates flexible tools that maximize efficiency and collaboration allowing each agency to succeed in achieving its mission.




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The HDS Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit was founded in 2008. Its mission is “to provide services and resources for the enrichment of families, communities and individuals who seek safe, affordable housing, assistance in accessing available resources and the services they need to improve their daily lives.” This mission is accomplished through the HDS Foundation’s Community, Educational, and Business Partnerships. The HDS Foundation collaborates with industry professionals to create a model for semi-independent living for people with Autism Syndrome Disorders and related disabilities which is safe, affordable, and accessible to this population as they become adults and have the ability to journey into semi-independent living.