Q&A Encouraging Employees to Volunteer as a Poll Worker on Election Day

  • Q: Should I Become a Poll Worker?
    A: Yes, please! By helping others to vote, you’ll be safeguarding our democracy when it needs it the most.

  • Q: What does a poll worker do?
    A: The general function will be the simple running of a polling place. You’ll arrange chairs, direct foot traffic, and process voters. Some tasks are more involved: Poll workers educate voters on how to operate the machines.
  • Q: How do you train for the job?
    A: Most states offer a half-day training program. It begins with the basics—where and how to set up the infrastructure. You’ll then learn how to deal with registration issues, such as voters who don’t appear on the rolls and how to issue provisional ballots when uncertainties arise. There is training to assist voters who speak limited English, including how they can access a live speaker of their preferred language over the phone. Disabled voters also need special assistance, and you will be trained to provide curbside voting for people who can’t enter the polling place. Your instructor will also explain how to deal with bad actors at the polling place, such as members of the media who attempt to conduct exit polling inside or too near the voting location.
  • Q: Where do I sign up?
    A: Start at the U.S. Election Assistance Commission website to find out if you are eligible. You can then follow links to your local election office to sign up. Local officials will provide you with the necessary training, and off you go.
For a brief video with information discussing about Poll Working, Click Here!